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Title: Sleep Hammer
Format: CD
Label: Public Eyesore (@)
Rated: *****
This live recording is the result of the collaboration between experimental guitarist Bill Horist and japanese guitar deconstructionist Tanaka Yasuhiko aka Marron. I've already heard other materials featuring Horist and in general I find he always have his interesting personal touch both while working in solo and when collaborating with other musicians. Marron 's and Horist's guitar-loops/deconstructions gets along really well together and in most of the tracks and what's more even if probably most of the material is "ready made" and improvised, in many episodes it really sounds like the scrawl?? of a composition and that means they know really well were they're headed. Despite the fact guitar and loop-machines probably are the main sound source in most off the songs, the cd is homogenous but quite varied and well balanced. They range from psychedelic-guitar-layering to abstract electronic no-wave rides or to melodic ambient track that pays an heavy tribute to mighty Robert Fripp. Somewhere else where loops gets more cyclical I've caught myself thinking to some minimalist's composition above all to Reich when he used Metheny in one of his masterpieces, think of it just less controlled and more free style. Horist displays his many influences and what I appreciate most of this performance is the duo don't stop at the first easy solution but pushes forward trying many solution at the coast of going out of focus during the process. By the way I'm glad to say that thanks to God their inspiration resisted enough to paint many interesting episodes and thanks to a really good recording the result is here for your ears to listen. I imagine many of you may think this' just another post-Branca, post-Thurston Moore freaky series of melodies, as I've said the psychedelic, post krautesque element is included with the ticket but Horist is an interesting guitarist and in some way he reminds me of mighty James Plotkin when going sober (who?...Plotkin sober?!?!) and melodic, to this add the fact Tanaka Yasuhiko interventions are really calibrated above all if judged in the economy of the impro-structure. Sometimes you've some really melodic solutions, sometimes you've entropic crescendos and somewhere else you've some relaxed, soft ambient patchworks but what's more in most of the cases the tracks and in general the whole performance has heart. I repeat, the recording is really good and it's easy to forget this' a live performance.

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