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Artist: Inversion Effect
Title: A Brief History
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Artificial Music Machine (@)
Rated: *****
Here’s how the press release that came with the disc defined the album: "Using both traditional and non-traditional instrumentation, they compose introspective soundscapes and lush, moody atmospheres." Evidently, Inversion Effect is a kind of supergroup of Artificial Music Machine artists (like a Pigface of experimental groups). This comes through in the music. At times, the music ranges from cinematic soundscapes ("Cavesong (Planetarium Version)" and "A Wife’s Hope," for example) to slightly noisy ("A Static Transmission," "Textural Interlude") to incidental music designed to heighten tension with clanking metal and sparse, shifting tones ("Puppets Part 1," Faces in the Hall"). The only track that didn’t quite work was "In the Shadow of the Vampire." The synthesized strings sounded cheesy and the piano theme became too repetitive. Even so, this is, overall, an interesting album. According to the website, "In 2005, the band composed an original score for the classic silent film Nosferatu, and performed it live at several theatrical screenings." I can see this band being able to pull this off and do well. If you like dark ambient that seems to tell a story without the need for words, this is one to check out. This disc weighs in at 57 minutes.

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