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Artist: NERONOIA (@)
Title: Il Rumore Delle Cose
Format: CD
Label: Eibon Records (@)
Distributor: Aural Music
Rated: *****
I listened few tracks of the first Neronoia debut album which has been released three years ago always by Eibon Records and I had mixed emotions about that one. Maybe I found it a little too nihilistic into his depression mood. Anyway, this second album born always as a Canaan/Colloquio collaboration and titled IL RUMORE DELLE COSE in my opinion succeeds into focusing in a better way the sound and the atmospheres of the project. The ten untitled tracks are capable of creating a sort of doom/new wave crossover passing through post noise rock. The treated drums and guitars are able to create a functional soundtrack to the Italian spoken word performed by Gianni. While you listen to tracks like "VII" is like you are falling into a well made of melodies and mud. It's a particular sensation where you seem cuddled by your own fears while distantly there's a band who slowly plays a nice tune. Despite the fact that the tracks play with the same atmospheres and rhythms the band is able to keep your attention awaken using sometimes a catchy refrain or a particular mix of sounds (as the use of reversed guitars along with synths) which make sound the whole album fresh and interesting. Also the choice of avoiding titles is somehow coherent with the whole concept where IL RUMORE DELLE COSE ("Things' noise") is the recording of a moment which you won't live again. Everything is making a sound but you could not be capable of listening to it...

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