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Title: Spazmatic[k] Spell
Format: CD
Label: Zoharum Records (@)
Rated: *****
SPAZMATIC[K] SPELL is a Different State/Sigill ( split CD album dedicated to the memory and work of painter and magician Austin Osman Spare ( DIfferent State is a Polish project active since early 90's which released different albums since then. At their beginnings the music was mostly focused on noisy experimentation but slightly it moved on the use of electronic gear. The four tracks of this split ("I hate the eyes", "Ear", "Nose" and "Formal experimentation") see Marek X Marchoff (the man guy behind the project) helped by Laura Marchoff (angelic[k] voice, custom made generator A-23), Tom Westbum (clarinet, sax, alto sax, trumpet) and Janusz Sokolnicki (tube AMP, lead guitar). The combo for each track used a different solution, approaching them from a particular angle. If "I hate the eyes" is a really good spoken word with experimental electronic background, the following "Ear" recalled me a sort of mix between Foetus and Mark Stewart & The Maffia. "Nose", instead, is more melancholic and cinematic, proposing a nostalgic guitar solo overwhelmed by distant and reverbered orchestral sounds. "Formal experimentation" is an electronic/wave experimental track which creates a sort of spatial effect with sax inserts. Sigill approach to sound is a total different one. The Polish duo formed by Brat Salo and Nantur love to create obscure drones with echoed sounds where vocal parts seem to be taken from rituals. "Sunever", "Io Pan'i", "Ashtoreth" and "Moon lore" remember to me some old Endura tracks with that sort of throbbing electronic humming mixed with samples and noises: a sort of ritual dark ambient kind of sound. They sound less varied compared to Different State but their sound is kinda "thick".

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