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Title: Caustic Factory Outlet
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Industrial Culture (@)
Rated: *****
The opposite of loud is low and the interesting aspect of this 3" is the fact without going too far from the noise, industrial sphere it leaves the frontal attack back home to choose subtle, grey white noises. Here and there some tracks are a bit more powerful but if compared to his label mate Ichorus is way softer and a bit more cerebral so don't think I was meaning Insane Asylum is simply weaker. It remind me of something of old Sshe-retina-stimulans from Sigillum S fame but less organized and less powerful from what I remember. Insane Asylum works in a smooth way for a harsh/power noise unit and I like it since with many bands going for the direct approach I can't but appreciate somebody taking the opposite lane. This one really makes me think to Masonna just a bit more european and far from that Japan-chaos motherfucker modus essendi. A minimalistic release and I'd add also a cerebral one which are the more interesting characteristics for a short thing like this.

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