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Artist: CYCLOTIMIA (@)
Title: Algorythms
Format: CD
Label: Rage In Eden (@)
Rated: *****
The last time I had the chance to listen to Cyclotimia was when I reviewed their "E$chaton" album released three years ago by Stateart. Since then the Russian duo didn't stop to release stuff it's only that I wasn't aware of their new releases "Celestis" and the latest "Deja vu". This version of ALGORYTHMS is an extended edition of an E.P. released by Irond in 2005 which in this new Rage In Eden print, sees as bonus tracks three tracks from their "Alpha omega" E.P. ("Epsilon", "Doctrine" and "Alpha Omega"). On this release Cyclotimia expand their sound scenario giving form to their vision of the modern world by mixing digital chaos with ambient ambience and orchestrations. The result sounds like a soundtrack which make you lose the senses for the continuous sound stimulations. Bleeps and samples oscillate from one channel to the other floating between synth pads and vocal samples. Sometimes the overall atmosphere tend to be stuck on the same palette but for sure the duo is good at the creation of what sounds like earth's inferno.

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