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Artist: UCNX
Title: Absolute Zero
Format: CD
Label: MOMT (@)
Rated: *****

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Coming from the U.S. UCNX are presenting their first full length titled ABSOLUTE ZERO which has been printed into an initial limited edition of 100 copies (but it's available as digital download also) by the English label MOMT Records. The album features five original songs, a cover of Alice In Chains' "Sea of sorrow" as well as three remixes (by Cyanotic, Deadliner and the third by the band itself which give to the main title an Old School e.b.m. mix). This album since the first listening sounded to me like a blast because it mixes electronic industrial power with melody and freshness. With influences of bands like Chemlab, Front Line Assembly or Front 242, UCNX will become for the lovers of the genre a valid alternative to the most known names of the scene. You can check their CDbaby page where you can preview all the tracks as well purchasing the CD.

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