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Title: Elegy
Format: CD
Label: Rage In Eden (@)
Rated: *****
ELEGY is the debut release from Across the Rubicon, a joint martial industrial act of Marcin Bachtiak (Cold Fusion), Robert Marciniak (Rukkanor) and Radoslaw Kaminski (Ab Intra). Powerful and unrelenting, Across the Rubicon shows a wonderful stimulating array of martial industrial symphonies and though the use of wild percussion, classical instrumental pieces and occasional spoken-word samples they achieve their goal with a style and flair that is quite simply stunning. The immense power and intensity that flows from these compositions is awe-inspiring. The hugely commanding atmosphere that thunders from them is breathtaking. The production and sound is crisp, clear and fantastically precise. I also really love the fact that when I listen to this, I get lost in its symphonic allure and powerfully engulfing atmosphere with the greatest of ease. Across the Rubicon would be the perfect outlet for the more martial industrial sounds. ELEGY contains ten heavy bombastic orchestral soundscapes with choirs and spoken sampler, in the vein of the music of acts such as Sophia, Toroidh and Arditi.

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