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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: ...Where Tattered Clouds Are Stranding
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
WHERE TATTERED CLOUDS ARE STRANDING is a compilation dedicated to the art of Icelandic sculptor and painter Einar Jonsson (1874-1954). Most of the tracks of the two CDs are exclusive to this release and have been composed taking inspiration from the work of Einar Jonsson. The compilation is divided into two sections/CDs titled respectively "Grief" and "Birth of psyche". The first one see the participation of fourteen projects of the neo-folk/martial international scene: Belborn, Storm Of Capricorn, Westwind, Rukkanor, H.E.R.R./Von Thronsthl, Horologium, Weihan, Cold Fusion, Larrnakh, Zebaoth, Agnivolok, Kammer Sieben, Aeldaborn and Cawatana. I listened to this CD a couple of times and I can assure you that this is a really good album and I'm sure that you'll find a lot of tracks you'll love (like Rukkanor's "Epitaph". On this on Robert is going on with the re-definition of the project's sound after detaching from the martial genre, to find its own "world" made of poetic intuitions and diversification of sounds). The second CD is dedicated to the dark ambient/psych industrial oriented bands with the participation of Rose Rovine E Amanti, Wach, Objekt4, Hoarfrost, Gandolfs Gedanken, Shining Vril, Echo West, Gregorio Bardini, Artefactum, Kadaver, Bisclaveret, Sitra Ahra and Simulacra. On this CD I found really good tracks and to tell the truth also some others which sounded a little like fillers to me but probably I've been influenced by the quality of the first one. Anyway, the overall judgment is very good. Here's the complete track-list:
1-01 Belborn "Der Morgen" (4:45)
1-02 Cold Fusion "May Be Another Way" (3:28)
1-03 Storm Of Capricorn "Come From Far And Wide" (7:08)
1-04 Larrnakh "Island On Island" (2:35)
1-05 Westwind "Grief" (5:00)
1-06 Weihan "Utlagar" (3:29)
1-07 Zebaoth"Drought Now" (4:54)
1-08 Cawatana "Have No Option (This Is A Dream)" (4:32)
1-09 H.E.R.R./Von Thronstahl"Liberating Spirit" (4:52)
1-10 Aeldaborn "Morning" (7:08)
1-11 Kammer Sieben "Ihr" (5:03)
1-12 Horologium "Fate" (5:13)
1-13 Agnivolok "Sculptor" (7:48)
1-14 Rukkanor "Epitaph" (3:38)
2-01 Artefactum "Symbolism" (6:23)
2-02 Hoarfrost "Insanus" (5:34)
2-03 Kadaver/Refuse To Die "Funerals Of Tomorrow" (4:08)
2-04 Rose Rovine E Amanti "Violini E Rose" (4:22)
2-05 Wach "March Of The Sleepless" (5:30)
2-06 Simulacra "The Wave Of The Ages" (6:09)
2-07 Gandolfs Gedanken "Gewissensbisse" (2:47)
2-08 Shining Vril "Figure I" (3:46)
2-09 Gregorio Bardini "Cobra" (4:30)
2-10 Gandolfs Gedanken "Funkenflug" (5:16)
2-11 Sitra Ahra "The Scorching Breath" (5:51)
2-12 Echo West "Bregräbnis/Sunrising Afterwards" (3:11)
2-13 Bisclaveret "Engill Ljssins" (5:37)
2-14 Objekt4 "Alda Aldanna" (12:00)

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