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Artist: Dharmata 101
Title: Protest Songs For The Content
Format: CD
Label: (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
Debut full-length album for this Electro/Industrial act, after they could enter a free slot on the last "Electro-Arc Compilation Vol. 3" with their track "Outline (Of My Shadow)". DHARMATA 101 consists mainly of Jsun Bruner, who seems to be responsible for all parts of the musically production of this act. Here and there he receives some additional help on the guitars by Kevin Keier. Musically DHARMATA 101 acts like a varied paradise bird. A bit difficult to sort this act completely in, they take inspirations out of Futurepop/EBM, classic US-like Coldwave Industrial mixed with a doze of Goth. SPAHN RANCH meets MINDLESS FAITH, if this would be somehow thinkable. The best part of the production is definitely the Electronica element, which offers a lot of refreshing experimental elements, deep filter manipulations and a lot of special efforts asides already known paths. The point of criticism rather concentrates on the vocals, which may belongs to the fact that Jsun isn’t and will never be a second Athan Maroulis. Acceptable, yes, but sometimes his a bit classic-inspired kind to provide his vocals is a bit overdone, it needs at least some more spins to get used to it. Best tracks to me are "Baselead" and "A Flame (In The Vapour)", because both offer a catchy and easy-to-follow refrain part and the needed doze of a dancefloor-compatibility. The compositions as well as the whole production comes out quite convincing and entertaining, it may needs an open-minded attitude of you to consume it in all variations. A good and diverse sounding album worth to get checked out. In recent news, Jsun added Ilker Yucel to his band roster, a prominent addition since Ilker stands behind our dear comrades of the ReGen magazine.

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