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Artist: Electric Colony
Title: s/t
Format: CD
Distributor: Indie Pool
Rated: *****
Electric Colony is Kris Summers, a guitarist and composer based in Toronto, Canada. His self-titled debut CD is a very strong effort, and showcases his talents as a studio engineer alongside his inspired playing. The references listed in his press kit include Wire, New Order, and My Bloody Valentine, and I hear shades of all of these. There are also inklings of Curve, New Model Army and the Jesus and Mary Chain present here. The songs are mostly very heavy on rhythms, driven by deftly sequenced rapid-fire beats and beastly guitar riffs, though some tracks feature a more subdued approach. The only problem is that the vocals are sometimes overly processed or buried just a little too deeply in the mix. This is unfortunate, as Summers’ voice sounds great on "Descent"/"Descent II," which are somewhat reminiscent of Joy Division, and later on "No Mercy Shown." Some tracks ride the line between industrial rock and heavy metal. "Hazmat" and "Ellipse" are both in this category, featuring high-powered, raging guitar riffs. The dirge-like vocals give them a somewhat more industrial feel, but the guitars would likely make Riki Rachtman smile. "Nearly There" is a very nicely constructed track that sounds very much like a New Order instrumental. This is a very fine start for Electric Colony – Mr. Summers has created a diverse array of sounds and styles that do justice to the artists that inspired him.

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