Music Reviews

Title: Kodens
Format: CD
Label: Rumraket (@)
Rated: *****
Active since late nineties with different projects and at the second solo full length album, Erik Levander is a Danish guy who is presenting to the lovers of minimal sounds his newest album titled KODENS. The new album took almost four years in the making and different compared to its first version (the hard disk of Erik's pc crashed and he lost almost everything), KODENS is a mix of melancholic atmospheres, glitch mayhem and ambient intuitions where also acoustic instruments are used (see the main clarinet part on "Manen viskar" or the piano track "Tribut"). Creating a thick web of sounds where light noises and bleeps crashes and die just to find a new form/life, Eric gave form to a complex structure which sometimes is difficult to enjoy at a first listening and it's difficult that it would be enjoyed by people who don't love i.d.m. or experimental stuff. Anyway there are tracks like "Kvad" that immediately are able to catch your attention thanks to the little melodic lines which give more power to the intricate sound structure while others like the opening "Sekund" sound too intimate.

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