Music Reviews

Artist: Joseph Auer
Title: Inner Galaxies
Format: CD
Label: Boltfish Recordings (@)
Rated: *****
Spare, no-frills, 13-track space-music techno CD from this Tokyo-based artist comes on in retrograde, in the form of thudding, vintage-drum-machine-sound, early Rave done up in sad, melodious Ambience. Many of the treatments and sounds bring back fond memories of The Orb's U.F.Orb in particular, but these are no longer the glory days of '90s techno. Only track 2, "I Can Feel It Tonight," makes any effort to bend the boundaries of convention.

There's nothing really wrong, here, it's just that the pounding, tribal rhythm paired with the lush chimes, echoes, uniformly-chorded synth progressions and offbeat scales makes for a puzzlingly incongruous blend. If you happen to be a more forward-thinking member of the musical populace, as far as Inner Galaxies is concerned you may wish for there to be more to the story. On the other hand, although Auer's intentions may be otherwise, this CD could be the perfect soundtrack for the world's loneliest rave. But seriously, this is not to knock it, because it's the kind of universe any number of folks could enjoy getting lost in -- you never know.

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