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Title: There Was No End
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Nexsound (@)
Rated: *****
Second CD release for Sara Lunden and Nexsound both. This time Sara is working with the label's boss Andrey Kiritchenko. The six tracks of the CD present a particular blend of electronic arrangements (almost glitch) mixed with light noises, electric guitars and the characteristic Sara's vocal approach which is in balance from melancholy and intimacy. These tracks recalled me one of the most melodic releases of Bpitch Control (Damero first album) but without the rhythmic research which here is substituted by the synth/noise multi layer approach. "Take your chance when you have it", instead, is a sort of alternative modern folk track with acoustic guitar and noises. This is the track I appreciated most along with "Erotic dreams", a track with a good mix of melody, rhythms (the other ones didn't have a rhythmic section) and electronic experimentation. This release is interesting as well the other was but they both tend to be focused on a calm melancholic approach which is ok in this case since we have six songs E.P.s. but which could tend to be a little repetitive in the case of a full length.

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