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Title: Dubious
Format: CD EP
Label: Nexsound (@)
Rated: *****
Founded in 2000 by Andrey Kiritchenko in Kharkiv/Ukraine, Nexsound is a label dedicated to unconventional sound. Their releases (they press proper CDs as well they release stuff as web label) have a characteristic experimental approach which on the pressed CD is less considered as on that format they are releasing the most "accessible" stuff. The first release of this series is a collaboration MCD which see songwriter/performer Sara Lunden composing with Kyrre Björkås (he plays with the Norwegian band Det är jag som är döden) . and Andreas Mjös (producer/musician, he plays with the Norwegian band "Jaga Jassist"). DUBIOUS contains five tracks which mix "pop" with electronic experimentations and melancholic soundscapes. The tracks are based on male/female vocal duets where the first two tracks "Dubious" and "You can come" see the musical structure based on acoustic instruments (mainly guitar and piano) being enriched by manipulation of electronic sounds. "Naked in my bed", "The sound it makes" and "Murder" (the song I appreciated most because of its dark atmosphere), instead haven't acoustic instruments into their structure as they have a minimal electronic background made of tiny synthetic sounds which couple well the intimate atmosphere created.

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