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Artist: Zentropia (@)
Title: Space Throne
Format: CD
Label: Crystaleyezed Fine Arts
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
You’ve just awoken from one strange dream to find yourself lost within another. Is this a stark nightmare or a wondrous fantasy? They’re one and the same when you find yourself wading through the murky territories of "Space Throne," the latest sonic excursion from Zentropia. The journey begins with the title track, and the listener is lifted off slowly into space, moving upward through clouds of blissful dub, slowly drifting into the star-lit heavens, the vibrations of 'Space Throne' echoing off of lonely planets. 'Azoth' refers to Mercury, but this stark ode seems to be tracing arcs in some colder and more distant part of the galaxy. Switching to a more upbeat groove, 'White Rhino Titan' brings the listener back to a somewhat warmer place, with fragmented sounds eventually blending into a melody that skips slowly and playfully atop the soft beat. A headlong dive into a black hole awaits in 'Terminal Brain Cloud,' as deep pools of reverberation envelope the senses in disoriented euphoria. This is a perfect lead-in to the last and most desolate track on the album, 'Khem.' Khem is the native name for Egypt and also the name of the Egyptian god of reproduction and fertility. This composition seems to allude to a journey into space-time during which a communion with this ancient deity occurs, and secret knowledge is shared in a language that is yet to be known to man. Equal parts relaxing and disturbing, this disc is sure to delight lovers of deep, dark, ambient drones and dub.

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