Music Reviews

Title: Tale From The Native
Format: CD
Label: Electromagnetic Pulse Records
Rated: *****
Here is a new demo from Jill Aka Projectojil which from Portugal bring some minimal techno house to your speakers. On this new demo titled TALE FROM THE NATIVE, Jill, presents six new tunes and two different versions of "God bless the child" and "Boom". If the old CDs were sounding like easy listening Ibiza like lounge music, this new CD is more minimal and it has got less soul/r'n'b samples (they are concentrated on the first two tracks "Cinescope" and "Acrobat") and it's based on 4/4 rhythms with few jazz inserts (on "Supernova") and hypnotic/trance influences on "Skyscraper" (the one I liked most along with the following "Cosmic matter"). It seems that Jill is redefining his style a little and you can check his myspace page to be updated about it.

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