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Artist: HOLLYDRIFT (@)
Title: Halting Gait
Format: CD EP
Rated: *****
Personal project of Mathyas Anderson, Hollydrift is releasing a free four tracks E.P. which mix ambient dub atmospheres with shoegaze attitude (his personal definition). Mathyas in the past experimented a lot into the industrial noise field but lately he didn't found it too stimulating, so he used his passion for field recording, sytnhs and his passion for the place where he lives (Port Washington, Wisconsin, near the lake Michigan) to record four tracks where he mixes the sound of those places with darkwave intuitions (see the rhythmic and melodic "Buckles and bows") and reverbered ambient ambience. His tracks have a certain cinematic effect but sometimes he tend to lose himself into the echoes of the sound produced. Anyway the tracks have a lot of good moments and interesting sounds so you can give them a try by downloading them at After the listening don't forget to write to Mathyas your impressions because he's offering his music for free but he'd like to share something with the listener (he's also sending another release for free in change of a letter where you describe the place where you live).

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