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Title: Breaking The Shell
Format: CD
Label: Aesthetic Death Records (@)
Rated: *****

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In balance between ambient, 70's electronic with a dance hint and soundtrack to a dark movie, Dead Beat Project present its first album titled BREAKING THE SHELL. Personal project of Esoteric (UK) keyboard player Olivier Goyet, Dead Beat Project first release is able to convince since the first listening thanks to its wide range of sounds and ambiences. Some examples? The opening "Last faith" is a semi Celtic/classical tune, "Silent stream" is a cinematic electronic tune with electro rhythms, "This feeling" is a melancholic dark ambient track with synth pads, orchestration and piano while "Alive and living" is a melodic dark ambient track really evocative. One of the main thing that impressed me listening to the nine tracks of the album is Olivier capacity to switch atmospheres during the tracks in a subtle way thanks to the add of little melodies, rhythms and sounds. He is also capable to make turn one track from dark to melancholic adding only few melody lines and this is a key point if you want to keep the attention of the listener. Check the tracks' excerpts here:

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