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Title: brutal calling
Format: 12"
Label: Karlrecords (@)
Rated: *****
New cover and new label for what I’ve read it’s a reissue of the mighty Laswell vs Submerged originally released in 2004 by Japanese Avant label exclusively for Japan. Should I introduce Bill Laswell? Should I tell he he’s played with everybody, he’s produced everybody, he’s one of the main responsible for the fact dub got fashionable again back in the days and for having done almost everything? Should I mention he’s one of those two, three musicians together with Zorn (executive producer of this release with engeneer Robert Musso) and Frith who’s discography is so vast it’s almost impossible to make a reliable list? I’ll just say he played in three of my all time favorite bands: Painkiller, P.I.L., Ashes. Here we go with a breakcore, drum’n bass rhythmical release where you’ve that characteristical Laswell bass/touch you recognize in a split second married with Submerged "in yer face" drums. While this rhythmical approach is going trendy again thanks to a whole wave of new breed of Laswell/Harris-sons like Bong-Ra, Venetian Snares and so on, some will surely recognize something you may have heard before in many of the "fast" rhythmical release by New York based producer be it on Axiom or or on other labels. I dunno that much Submerged but I see his beat-approach gets along really well with this long-respected producer/musician, it’s music you can move your feet to it’s aggressive but being this bass-heroe a soulful white man with a foot in black music, he didn’t limit himself to dance till you drop music without heart and here and there you’ve some visceral sounds and melodies. Visceral, yes... I think that’s the proper adjective for many releases signed by "uncle Bill" (just to quote mighty Burroughs, I’m sure both Laswell and Submerged would appreciate), you always have that nocturnal feel plus a strong narcotic post-dub flavor flowing underneath like in the closing killer track. Thought being one of those who prefer the american producer in his more relaxed, slowed down, ambiental salsa (just to contraddict my Painkiller infatuation) the release has its say above all if you’re into the most elegant breakcore materials or into many of the releases on Ohm resistance.

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