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Artist: The Greenmatics (@)
Title: Out Of Limbo
Format: CD + DVD
Rated: *****
Australia trio, The Greenmatics, find the solace of the simplicity of retro 80's for their ep debut. A classic for anyone who appreciate synth-pop/electro-pop. The good vibrations are picked up by female frontwoman Green. "I Love Technology" is the opening track. A catchy tune with Gordo's unique dark bassline feel. The next track is "Wait No More", another retro 80's vibe with a vintage synth sound. The modern tracks "Talk" and "Greentea" captures today's modern electro-pop, the way it's arrange. The beat on each track is indeed well striking performed tremendously because of the way Antanas plays the electronic drum set with an energetic thrust. You may think it's a drum machine programmed, but it's played live. Antanas plays a catchy beat that will have you dancing. The ep is very poppy with a sense of humor. The band is serious and mean business. All the while though, each tracks develop its own identity with synths, sequencers, bass, and beat all blend in one form.

Their dvd feature all four of their tracks in mp3 file, magazine and radio interview, bio and their videos "I Love Technology", which is directed by the band themselves and have an 80's effect appeal and the animated "Wait No More" on the level of a video game approach.

Nothing but club and radio hits this band is offering. Enjoy this cd and dvd and you'll be glad you did. This band is worth a listen.

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