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Artist: GRANDCHAOS (@)
Title: Open Source
Format: CD
Label: Urgence Disk
Rated: *****
After some MCDs and a double CD of remixes titled "In sedens" and released by Vendetta Records in 2006, here's the first proper debut album by Grandchaos. OPEN SOURCE expand into fourteen new songs what we had the opportunity to check on the 2004 E.P. "Ionize me": obsessive dark electronic tunes with references to early Die Form and a bit of danceable attitude (imagine what the term danceable meant back in the '80s for the goth/electro audience). The CD opens with the short and almost techno "The ghost" just to give space to "3rd life", a song which introduce you to the sonic world of Tcheleskov Ivanovitch, made of minimal analog obsessive sounds coupled to a vibrating dark vocal. The semi robotic approach to melody is catchy and convincing and tracks like "Raving mad" or the following "Ultra dark day" are great tunes where the alternation of male/female vocals work really well. This is an album that you should buy if you love the dark electro style and I hope that it won't pass so much time 'til Grandchaos will release something new since that Ivanovitch welcomed as new member Oliver T. (active also as Op.ale and Metamorphose) whose was already collaborating with him for live gigs.

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