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Artist: Penjaga Insaf & Vestigial (@)
Title: Of Earth And Of Fire
Format: 12"
Label: Loki Foundation / Power And Steel (@)
Rated: *****
OF EARTH AND OF FIRE is the fist official release for both the projects involved. Penjaga Insaf is a German duo who previously released a CD-r titled "To Whom It May Concern" on Shortwave Transmission. Vestigial comes from Italy and already released a self produced 3" CD-r with track which reminded of the best Lustmord moments. On this new 12" you can find Penjaga Insaf bringing to your attention "Tenangan", a twelve minutes track really involving which, like a serpent, slowly crawls between effected field recordings (voices, rhythms and noises recorded in Indonesia by the band) and spatial synth pads. During the track's length you are like suspended in time and you'll be carried away by its semi ritualistic structure. Vestigial present here two tracks which sound like two parts of the same movement. "Summoned by panopticonian flames" and "The architect of ashes" are more hypnotizing compared to the Penjaga Insaf track and it confound the listener's senses with blasts and humming loops. Imagine to be underwater and to being listening to a sinking ship during an earthquake and you'll have pretty much the sensation these tracks give. A must...

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