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Title: Position Parallele
Format: CD
Label: Hau Ruck! (@)
Distributor: Tesco Germany
Rated: *****
Position Parallele is a French duo which see Pierre Pi and Geoffroy D. (of Derniere Volonte) dealing with dark electronic pop tunes. Deeply influenced by 80's electro, Position Parallele on their self titled album propose eight minimalistic songs which mix cold wave atmospheres and electro pop attitude. Most of the tracks have a basic rhythm, a simple bass line and few other synths with Geoffroy singing his French lyrics (which unfortunately I don't understand. Only few things here and there but I can't say what they are about). Try to imagine Soft Cell playing Die Form and you'll have quite well the idea of what you'll find on this great album. At first it sounded strange to me to hear Geoffroy vocal style on electronic tunes because I'm used to hear it on neo-folk music so I allowed me to wait another day to listen to it the second time. The second listening I tried to focus on music without being distracted by a voice I already knew and I have to admit that the tracks are really great and they are able to create cold atmospheres without being too isolationistic. Try "Fortune" or the short "George - Arachnee" and you'll be instantaneously absorbed by a mixture of dark pop and melancholic electro. Try some songs on their Myspace and order your copy!

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