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Artist: IN MY ROSARY (@)
Title: 15
Format: CD
Label: Syborgmusic (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
Formed 15 years ago and after 15 releases, In My Rosary are releasing their new album titled...15. It's quite some time I didn't listen to their music and I must say that I quite enjoyed their new album. Despite the lack of homogeneity of the track-list (you can find wave, acoustic, electro songs which make it sound like a collection of songs more than else), the duo formed by Ralf Jesek (music, voice, instruments, programming) and Dirk Lakomy (lyrics and graphics) is presenting to the audience a new collection of sixteen nice tracks ("Just like you" and "G.t." are new version of songs that Ralf wrote for his other old band Derriere Le Miroir) which are capable to switch atmospheres and sounds with any problem at all. In My Rosary are good at passing from acoustic dark ballads ("A waste of pain", "G.t."), electro dark pop tunes ("Just like you", "Demo"), wave with some electronics ("Bitter fall", "Believe/Because) or blending them all together. As bonus you can find three remixes "Satin sheets" by Eternal Nightmare, "Short dance" by Tobias Bierkenbeil and "There's no light" by Syria) which present the songs revisited into an electronic key. As another bonus, you can download some special mp3s from their website (also their first E.P.) by writing one of the code you find into the CD booklet.

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