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Artist: Majdanek Waltz (@)
Title: Hamlet's Childhood
Format: CD
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
Active since early 2000s the dark folk band, Majdanek Waltz already released eight albums and a mini of which HAMLET'S CHILDHOOD is the latest one. Released in conjunction by The Eastern Front and the Russian label KultFront, HAMLET'S CHILDHOOD contains ten new tracks of spoken word dark folk where the male and female vocals along with the different instruments used (piano, acoustic guitars, violins and traditional Russian accordion) create melancholic but still evocative tracks where the lyrics (original poems of Symbolist poets Boris Poplavsky 1903-1935, Maximilian Voloshin 1877-1932 and translated poems of German Expressionist poet Georg Heym 1887-1912) are enriched by neo classical moments and folk approach. Unfortunately every title and lyrics are in Russian language so I can't catch the band's poetry in full. Anyway, I really appreciated the atmosphere created and I suggest you to check them!

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