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Dec 06 2007
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Artist: Mulphia (@)
Title: Bleeding
Format: CD
Label: Advoxya Records (@)
Distributor: Poponaut
Rated: *****
Right before Santa storms into your living room to bring the rod, the Czech Republic-based one-man project MULPHIA a.k.a. Richard Viduna returns with a new studio album. He has already released his debut "Dark Sides" very early this year through the Hungarian Advoxya Records label, so already another new album comes out surprisingly fast, but with some good reasons. "Dark Sides" was a kind of collection of earlier MULPHIA-recordings, maybe sort of some first sessions, while this new album "Bleeding" is a huge step towards to some new sound territories. MULPHIA has grown and developed to a more layered and attractive Dark Electro-outfit, the arrangements nowadays can rival with the audio results of some up and coming artists like OBJECT, KIFOTH or LAST INFLUENCE OF BRAIN. The vocals are that typical sort of distorted and mostly vocoderized kind of whispers, while some of the provided lyrics bring back the memory on the early morning bowel movement, tz-tz. ("Feeding Time", "Believe (U Fucking Asshole)"). Whatever has driven Richard to such a raging content, I forgive him this little flaw, since the music fits and reaches the higher courts. "Counthing" (no typo?!) for instance features this sinister and rather PUPPYan-influenced element provided by its dark synth layer sounds, while "Voltage" surprises with a drastically change of the song tempo, turning this track from a FLA-like mid-tempo tune into a raging Harsh EBM-smasher. "Re-Deemer" likes to adds some Metal-Guitar riffs to strengthen the chorus part, while "Something Sometimes (2nd Version)" earns the gold medal for the integration of awesome "interrupting" studio effects, what a great track! While I’m not completely sure, if this album features Richard’s up-to-date abilities, or if it is just another collection of the after-"Dark-Sides"-phase, I must admit, that this album and its interesting outfit nails me for a longer period. This is that kind of an attractive Dark Electro album, which may doesn’t hold the upper-class hit smasher, but which is worth enough to get some more rotations than usual and to become a secret favorite tip. Good stuff, keep it on!

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