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Artist: Blutengel (@)
Title: Labyrinth
Format: CD
Label: Out Of Line (@)
Distributor: SPV
Rated: *****
And once again a new full-length album for Germany’s scene-leader when it comes on romantic Electro/Wave/Pop-music. At least also the still growing success of BLUTENGEL has meanwhile brought up a lot of copy-cats, but at least nothing matches the original. For Chris Pohl this project reflects rather more the electronic-driven sound compared to the Goth-Rock-infiltrated TERMINAL CHOICE – and BLUTENGEL gets more successfully than ever before. On "Labyrinth" BLUTENGEL still offering their known formula by offering classic compositions with catchy melodies, Futurepop-like easy-to-consume arrangements and the clear vocal performance by Chris and his two female counterparts, Constanze Rudert and Ulrike Goldmann. Why slapping that cow before it stops to give milk? Of course, the sound quality is top-notch and crystal-clear, so are the vocals and several tracks offer a great singing-along-the-chorus-attitude ("Dreamland", "Shame") – but stop! Before I start complaining that nothing changes this sultry program, the track "Body Move" differs the most from the usually BLUTENGEL-recordings. Quite harder bass lines and a manipulated vocal performance by Chris give this track the required mood to figure out the desire of the lyrics. Not a high-end layered composition of an Electro/EBM-track, but a difference to interrupt a bit the mood of the BLUTENGEL empire. At least and as a conclusion, BLUTENGEL can surely impress the 14-years-young Goth-newbies the most with their rather simple-minded song structures and arrangements, while others may accept this album as the right soundtrack to recover after a broken relation at a dark autumn day. Nothing to spectacular, simply a new BLUTENGEL-album. In latest news, this album could climb on some high positions in the German album sale charts, congrats.

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