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Artist: DESTROID (@)
Title: Loudspeaker
Format: CD
Label: Scanner / Dark Dimensions (@)
Distributor: Soulfood
Rated: *****
Daniel Myer (haujobb., ARCHITECT, CLEANER, etc.) returns finally with a new DESTROID-album after the already 4 years old debut release "Future Prophecies" (Out Of Line). It seems that there has been some very unsatisfying happenings with his contract at the German giant, because that debut went totally down under. Signed now to the Scanner-label out of the Dark Dimension label group, he offers with "Loudspeaker" a top-notch quality album which is worthy enough to strengthen his reputation. See, this is the work of an experienced musician, who has already seen and felt the good and bad terms this scene and the music business generally can offer. It shouldn’t wonder, that on some tracks some acoustic instruments will get a slot besides the always ruling Electronica as well. I shouldn’t forget to mention his partner, Seb Rydell, because with DESTROID Daniel has decided to cooperate with an additional musician. But all who have expected a similar and a bit torn up sounding album like the debut, will be quite astonished, how calm and linear, but still extremely coherent this new DESTROID-album can be, not too much remembers on the debut. "Loudspeaker" offers a decent cross-section of Myer’s talent, be it the natural sounding vocal performance or the at times obviously, at times rather subtle placed typically sound experiments. No hectic on here, no aggression, no use of cliches, no curry favor on already discovered genre-typically redundancies – just simply a layered produced album a la Myer. Although this album got straight produced, some pieces will work any better to sink in and offer a rather discouraging content ("Let Me Leave", "Friend Or Foe (The Betrayal)") – it seems a bit that Myer has found the right way to receive some cure through his lyrics and compositions, some content here makes you think. Enough dancefloor-filling stuff is of course available too, "Bird Of Prey", the energetic "Revolution", "Moral" or "As The World Turns" have to be named. It’s surely not the harshest and/or darkest work available, but all who’ve heard and consumed Myer before shouldn’t expect this. A great album and a possible contender for the imaginary "album-of-year"-title. Let that contest begin!

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