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Artist: ONE FOR JUDE (@)
Title: Re Generation
Format: CD
Rated: *****

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Active since 1999 One For Jude are back after their 2004 E.P. "Helice" with a new album titled RE GENERATION. The new album presents ten new wave tracks which are in balance from electronic to acoustic arrangements with orchestrations and some particular instrumental moment. First of all, if you are looking for a perfect singer and for classic structured songs, I must say that the best thing is that you check some sound excerpts first. Instead, if you are a lover of goth/wave sound, you love French language, you like also particular arrangements (orchestrations with electronics and wave guitars and semi French folk atmospheres) and your main thing is to feel the band's involvement, RE GENERATION is an album that could interest you. The songs mix melancholy, coldness and despair with sincerity but sometimes the execution isn't perfect (it was hard to me to enjoy the singer).

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