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Artist: TERRORFAKT (@)
Title: The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Vail Records / Industrial Strength Records (@)
Rated: *****
That’s indeed a surprising release, because America’s leading act of rhythmically Powernoise Electronica, TERRORFAKT, returns with a new DCD set. Licensed through their very own Industrial Strength Records to the German Vail Records (STEINKIND), this isn’t at all a new studio album. "The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself" can be seen as a cross-section of their previous releases, a sort of "best of..."-compilation, if you like to name it so. The sense behind this belongs to the fact that TERRORFAKT have grown through the years and their signing to the market-leader, Metropolis Records, to a scene-leader in the United States – while their recognition in Germany/Europe with ridiculous sales could be much better. Therefore this DCD set is rather dedicated to introduce TERRORFAKT better to the European listeners, but it nevertheless holds special items and recordings on board, which could make a purchase also to the devoted US citizens considerable. At least their die-hard fans won’t give a shit on this limitation to the European market, they always want that full package! You’ll get 13 songs from the last studio album "Teethgrinder", 4 tracks from "Cold Steel World" and at all 14 songs taken of the "Reworks 2: Friendly Fire" limited (to 100 numbered copies) and self-released CD, that is currently sold out. Two additionally remix works taken from "Cold World Remixes" are available, too. I’ll post here the track list exceptionally for you to check out the content.
Disc 1 offers 18 original compositions of this band and you’ll find some of their most known smashers like "Welcome To Hell", "Damage", "M15", "Rhythm And Hate" or "Animal". Of course, the straight-forward moving and harsh Powernoise-formula at least gets a bit repetitive, but only because of the fact, that it is hard to believe that there are still listeners out there, which haven’t heard of this act before. One favorite I like to pick out with "Zero", offering much more than the required doze of distortion, this track integrates well some Tribal-elements into the music and proves, that TERRORFAKT can produce more than the repetitive 4/4-formula.
Coming to Disc 2, which features 15 remix works on some of the best-known TERRORFAKT-tracks. See the track list below to recognize some similar dedicated and renowned acts offering their best to give the TERRORFAKT-recordings a different direction. One piece I like to point out with "No Frequency" (ANGEL THEORY-remix), taken out of the remix companion to "Cold Steel World". This one features vocals written by the remixer, Charles Fenech, and turns this piece nearly to a completely new song.
I hope seriously that this DCD set will do well on the German/European market, because TERRORFAKT’s efforts are sounding more addictive and better worked-out than the results of some European-based colleagues. It’s a must-have release!

01. Welcome to Hell
02. Headcase
03. The Unknown
04. Damage
05. Skullfucker
06. The Fine Art of Killing Yourself
07. Rhythm & Hate
08. Stormbreaker
09. M15
10. Crown of Thorns
11. Do Onto Others
12. Animal
13. Mephisto
14. Zero
15. Street Justice
16. Mutation
17. God Of Killers
18. Corrupt

Disc 2 :-
01. Achtung ( Cervello Elettronico Remix )
02. Animal ( Caustic Remix )
03. Damage ( C/A/T Remix )
04. Headcase ( Floppy Disc Remix )
05. M15 ( Scrap.Edx Remix )
06. M15 ( Vuxnut Remix )
07. Mephisto ( Antigen Shift Remix )
08. No Frequency ( Angel Theory Remix )
09. No Frequency ( Imperative Reaction Remix )
10. Rhythm & Hate ( Endif Remix )
11. Rhythm & Hate ( Iszoloscope Remix )
12. The Fine Art Of Killing yourself ( The Operative Remix )
13. The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself ( Prometheus Burning Remix )
14. The Unknown ( Edgey Remix )
15. Welcome To Hell ( Manufactura Remix )

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