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Artist: R. Stevie Moore
Title: Disorganized Overactivity or Tabitha Soren
Format: CD
Label: Forty Seven Records
Rated: *****
What we have here boys and girls are 25 tracks (!) of variegated mutant rock/experimentalism by the over-indulgent (in a good way), over-achiever Moore. His web site claims over 400 releases in various styles and formats. Does the world really 400 releases from any one artist, no matter how good s/he is? The answer I guess lies in his fan base. But all this is not a comment of the quality of this release. This is a DIY release with all the sonic limitations that category implies. This guy can sing, play, and write songs well so who’s to complain? The subject matter is definitely not mainstream and there is strong vein of oft times wry crude humor, but regardless, the prankster humor is a strength of the songs (his piss take on Led Zeppelin’s cock-rock silliness on "Hi N Loathsome" is a hoot). The accepted forms all take a hit by Stevie. He just doesn’t care if it doesn’t fit into the corporate categories of what’s cool, what’s accepted, what’s selling. Listening to this causes time warped rebirthing experiences of all the music I’ve heard in last thirty years of my life, all of it pushed slightly off-center somehow. Moore doesn’t try to fit in and obviously doesn’t want to. If you’re that kind of person, or if you want something different to wipe out the cobwebs created by the repeated listenings of the same old crap we’ve heard for the last ten years or so search out these recordings. There will be something there for you to like. Kudos to RSM for sticking to his guns after all this time.

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