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Artist: C/A/T (@)
Title: Point Of No Return
Format: CD
Label: Crunch Pod Media (@)
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
New album out for C/A/T, one of the leading acts out of the Crunch Pod Media label roster. It is also the project of label owner Ben Arp and his female better half Malice. Both do receive assistance in the studio and live on stage by the second female Kat. As a trademark for Crunch Pod label act, also C/A/T is heavily dedicated to the rhythmically Powernoise-genre, "Music To Piss You Off" isn’t only a track of C/A/T, it’s also the label slogan. The main difference between US-based acts and their European colleagues may can be seen in the fact that the US-acts offer a wider musically horizon. It isn’t at all the same redundant formula to combine EBM bass lines with distorted rhythm loops and a repetitive voice sample. You shouldn’t be too much surprised by C/A/T’s efforts to break through genre boundaries by incorporating Trance/Techno-elements ("Parasite" or "State Of Decay"). Another positive point is the fact that Ben has decided to include more than ever before vocals – rather seldom in this genre, no matter if it sounds like a Johan-Van-Roy-like growling. With respect to the music, you also shouldn’t expect any "relaxing-at-sunshine-beach"-lyrics, C/A/T’s efforts are straight and smashing formulated. Best tracks? Well, this depends a bit on some personal preferences, but both mighty arranged "Denied" and "Malice" are hammering out sweat and provide hardcore-dancefloor-action. Make sure also to check out the hidden bonus track available here at song position 14. Mastered by Jan L. of X-FUSION, this new album and the uncountable release parties and live performances during the last months should be efforts enough to provide one of the best-selling releases for Crunch Pod. Let’s hope that C/A/T continue soon to take also more acceptance on the European market. A new EP providing remix works to "Point Of No Return" is already in the pipeline.

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