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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Idioscapes
Format: CD
Label: Idiosyncratics
Rated: *****
The Idiosyncratics project was founded in 2003 by Belgian soundmakers Yannick Franck and Phil Maggi, recently joined by Maxime Lê-Hûng, and so far has booked concerts and launched a few quality net-releases (be sure to check out the one by Tomas Korber and Adam Sonderberg). The label debut on cd is this tasty sampler gathering some of the most interesting artists in the vast minimalist/drone field. Let's say that styles vary from noisy layering (KK Null) to crystaline Fahey-esque fingerpicking (Steffen Basho-Junghans), but most of the rest is in between, i.e. droning, and all tracks are nice pieces (no leftover rush here). My personal picks would be Janek Schaefer's drones+turntables mix, Sébastien Roux's glitchy guitarscapes, and Daniel Menche's surprisingly mild percussion-based "Cadence". Charlemagne Palestine surely wins the "weirdest of the lot" prize with "La beauté et la bête", mixing ethereal organ tones with orgasmic female moans and sheep field recordings - as bizarre and upsetting as some of Walter Marchetti's pieces. Worth mentioning are also the owners' projects, Eve and the Sickness (Maggi with Gabriel Marguerie) and Idiosyncrasia (Maggi and Franck themselves), both offering two excellent pieces of dark electroacoustics. Other names involved were Keith Fullerton Whitman, Critikal, Rapoon, Troum and Jazkamer, all up to their standards though offering no real surprises. An excellent compilation, assembled with taste and care - may it be the first release of a long series.

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