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Artist: Beequeen (@)
Title: Seltenturn Beesides - 1989-2000
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: plinkity plonk (@)
Rated: *****
Trip peacefully along with this 130-minute collection from the cult duo Beequeen - Freek Kinkelaar (also playing solo under the name Brunnen) and Frans DeWaard (Goem, Kapotte Muziek, Shifts, Quest, Freiband ...). Seltenturn is a double cd collection of remastered oldies unavailable for a long a time : 'Mappa Mundi' (cassette, with bonus tracks), 'Fond' (one sided LP), 'Split' (split LP), 'The Surrough Gate' (10"), 'Vault' (7"), 'White Tusk' (7") and 'Dovidzdane Vanja' (7"). "The Surrough Gate" was released on Ant-Zen (!!!) in 1997 and shows them dealing both with concrete sounds and then in a terrific ambient tracks with conversation pieces on the background. The Mappa Mundi cassette was recorded on 1989 and has the lovely psychotic calmness of Cranioclast's first works, alternating typical droney compositions to more abstract ones - "Land above us" is possibily the best track here, slowly exposing the core of the drone with throbbing
analogue bubbles. "Dovidzdane Vanja", which means "The Death Of Beequeen", was a 7" out in 2000 that is the farewell to their melanchonic soundscapes. (The duo recorded many other dronework s under the name Wander - ). This awesome collection is both the best starting point for the new listeners that want to know about the more experimental side of Beequeen and absolutely necessary for completists. Ltd Edition of 300.

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