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Artist: Pride And Fall
Title: In My Time Of Dying
Format: CD
Label: Dependent / Metropolis-Records (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
Only one year after their predecessor release, the Norwegian-based Futurepop-act PRIDE AND FALL returns with a new full-length album. It also marks one of the very last releases by the German Dependent label and since this happening is more than sad enough, the band has decided to include some dedicated words to thank the label for the fruitful cooperation. Musically not too much has changed in the PRIDE AND FALL outfit. Still balancing out the genres between Synth-/Futurepop up to EBM, it nevertheless can’t be ignored that the term "epic" has to be added. Their arrangements are sounding rich, detailed and multi-layered, while I sometimes miss a bit the try to experiment with additional synth-sounds. Another striking point is the sad and romantic mood which the compositions of PRIDE AND FALL offer. All of you who draw relations of Synth-/Futurepop with happiness should use and listen this release to experience something different. Of course, as the title announces it already, globally the featured content here deals with dark, sad or depressive themes ("I Wither") – arrangements and lyrics full of "sunshine-reggae" would be misplaced. For sure the right album for some cold and dark autumn evenings in front of a fireplace, I also like to forgive them the here and there obviously try to sound like VNV NATION at their "Empires"-phase. "Adored" is a fine and catchy worked out Futurepop-tune, which should be able to cause some action on the dancefloors. "The Burning Faith" surprises with a cooperation-effort by the Japan-based Ambient-musician KENJI SIRATORI, who’s responsible for the lyrics and vocals. "In My Time Of Dying" is a very good produced album which deserves the so-called Dependent quality-seal, although nobody should expect the re-invention of the light bulb.

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