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Artist: PHRAGMENTS (@)
Title: The Burning World
Format: CD
Label: The Eastern Front (@)
Rated: *****
With its ninth release The Eastern Front affirm its validity into the dark industrial/new-folk/experimental scene by releasing the second studio album by Phragments. Coming from Bratislava, Slovakia, the band is formed by Matej (music) and Sonic(k) (videos). They released since 2002 four CDs (two live albums where they propose different versions of their tracks, a MCD and a studio album titled "Homo homini lupus) on they own label Construct.Destroy.Collective. THE BURNING WORLD is their second studio album and besides being presented with a luxurious three panels 7"x5" sleeve it contains seven great martial dark industrial tracks. The first thing I noticed while I was listening to this album is that Phragments used great sounds and created a strong atmosphere made of synth pads, violins and distorted samples. The first time I listened to this CD I was checking into a store a new pair of loudspeakers and the opening part of "Non serviam" really worked well with its different parts: the first one contains a sort of reverbered treated piano which little by little creates its melody. Soon after background sounds are added and after a minute a metallic sound paired with floor toms create a great melancholic martial orchestral moment. Soon after the track stops and to the piano some vocal samples are added (they aren't words, only sounds which help the rhythmical part). Twenty seconds and the track is ready to start again its magnificent atmosphere. "Fireseed", instead, is based on a violin melody with distorted rhythms and background synth pads. I'd like to underline, also, that their melodic taste is really functional to the creation of the right mood and I really enjoyed each track of the album. This isn't only a good dark ambient album with some industrial sounds. You have to check it!

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