Music Reviews

Artist: AUBE (@)
Title: Aube Reworks Nimh Volume 1
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: Silentes (@)
Rated: *****
It's ages I'm hearing the name Aube and I've already happened to give a listen to some songs/relases here and there, but this my first review of his materials. To be honest this not his average relase since it's a rework of Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh music but thought he’s not the originator of the sounds I can assure his personal touch is firmly strong. Don't worry the compromise is acceptable since even if this cd has been moulded by the hand of Akifum Nakajima, this’ not one of those "sounds like a remix" reworks where it’s not even intelligible the origin of the DNA, infact according to my personal opinion Aube shows his intelligence in developing some Nimh’s original ideas. You end up having both the some "freak" post-ethnic (I’d write New Age if I could not associate the term with "cheap music for cocktail people" as I actually do), ambient sketches diluted in a repetitive but never redundant structure. Aube sounds really close to minimalism, but for the sake of honesty we should say it probably belongs more to oriental "minimal aesthetic" to which minimalists (as well as many other modern learned musicians) paid tribute. A strong psychedelic release where drones, loops and field recordings go out of focus do to reverb and delays layering, but this still quite far from many other experimental post-industrial releases where an overdose of layering creates a concrete fog...if it was a landscape this could be one of those pale misty winter mornings, and if you live in the north (wherever it is) you know what I’m talking about. Aube’s tool are repetitions and he’s probably one of the best loop-dealer around at the moment. For what concerns Nimh, I must say these last couple of releases (I’m referring to this and to the "missing tapes" one) he’s gone more experimental leaving (not so far) his traditional ambient territories and the result is so good, I’m tented to say if you never heard anything from him you could try to start from the bottom.

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