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Title: Solstice
Format: CD
Label: New Darkness Records (@)
Rated: *****
Formed in 1997 by Pieter Winkelaar (one of the guys who later formed The People Republic Of Europe), Kratarknathrak has already at their active fifteen releases (Cds, vinyl and tapes) where Pieter explores the lands of electronic ambient/techno/idm sounds. His latest album, SOLSTICE, has been recorded during the 2004/2007 period. Containing twelve tracks, the album is an interesting voyage through sidereal scenarios (see the sibilant "Parsec" or the rarefied atmospheres of the following "Cruising with Dr Pholx"). Personally I really loved the tracks with a more intensified rhythmical structure, where the long pad sounds duet with bass lines and drums. "Dark matter" for example is a track which sticks into your ear and has the mentioned elements balanced in a good way, elements that create a sort of dark ambient techno tune. On other ones the isolationist side of the sound take an hold and the rarefied ambience is used a little too much. SOLSTICE is an album worth your attention and if you love techno ambient sounds you'd be happy to know that it is sold for only 6 euros plus p+p.

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