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Artist: MAY-FLY (feat. WYNARDTAGE) (@)
Title: The Face In The Mirror
Format: CD
Label: Rupal Records / e-noxe (@)
Distributor: Alive!
Rated: *****
After having well recognized his debut release "Flight Into The Darkness" in December 2K5, Thorsten Vogler a.k.a. MAY-FLY returns with a new full-length album. "The Face In The Mirror" offers at all 16 tracks, but the title track receives the main attention, because it is featured in 2 (Single Edit and Club Version) different versions, plus it got remixed by 7 different artists (NURZERY RHYMES, RE:\LEGION, :A7IE:, ACYLUM, VIRTUAL VICTIM, STIN SCATZOR and IINSANITY). It is to mention that Kai Arnold of WYNARDTAGE has co-produced and co-composed this track. You’ll get additional 2 new and re-vamped versions of the tracks "Ich Will Tanzen 2007" and "Angelie (Exclusive Version)", both originally available on the debut, plus 5 completely new tracks. MAY-FLY continues globally to present its linear kind of EBM/Dark Electro music, which at times mixes the genre-related boundaries with Goth and/or Synthpop, accomplished with an ominous and distorted sounding vocal performance in both, English and German lyrics. Nothing at all which can be called groundbreaking, but a constant good alternative to the tunes of WYNARDTAGE or the label mate VIRTUAL VICTIM. It’s a pity that the 5 new compositions are standing a bit in the shadow of the high amount of different versions/remixes of the title track, because "Suicide By Train" or "Save Our Souls" prove some potential. This remix war with the concentration on only one tune (best works here: the remixes of ACYLUM and :A7IE: - at least as expected, while the strangest "remix" – at least this work is a remake, nearly a complete new construction of this track - featuring GUITARS got provided by STIN SCATZOR) is maybe a bit of an overkill. However, Dark Electro-addicts can’t do something wrong by purchasing this more than 76 minutes long album.

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