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Title: 53 N
Format: CD
Label: Electrotease
Rated: *****
NOTHERN KIND is a new female/male-leaded Synthpop-duo hailing from England. With "53° N" Sarah Heeley and Matt Culpin like to present their self-produced debut, which is – lets say it in advance – one of the best of the Synth-/Electropop genre since a long time. Musically somehow related with the Swedish act CHINESE THEATRE or the US-based REGENERATOR, the synth textures and arrangements which Matt likes to create out of his machinery are always tasteful and clean produced. Here and there he may offers a slight retro-early-90ies feeling, but he knows about the magic of Sarah’s intelligent lyrics and her smooth voice. As usual for a Synthpop production, everything stands and falls with the quality of the vocals and the song-writing – and here are the winning points for NOTHERN KIND compared with many other related acts. The compositions and the arrangements are rather more the result of experienced musicians instead of being the debut release of some greenhorns having realized that voltage can offer more than turning on the light in the refrigerator. Highlight: "Home", a real smasher, catchy as hell, with a singing-along-guarantee after only one spin. Lets hope for them that they will find a professional distributor in this hard times with vanishing CD sales, which especially hurts self-producing newcomer acts. The responsible people behind labels like Section 44, A Different Drum and/or Ninthwave Records should pay attention and pick them up.

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