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Title: Lubrication
Format: CD
Label: New Darkness Recordings (@)
Distributor: Clear Spot
Rated: *****
Active since year 2000 The Peoples Republic Of Europe is a Dutch duo who started to experiment with dark ambient sounds. Losing the inspiration and finding new ideas thanks to the Ant Zen roster, they switched to industrial pounding sounds. LUBRICATION is their fourth release and I don't know why but I find ironic looking at a cover with machines parts with The Peoples Republic Of Europe written on it. I find a link with the slavery condition of Chinese workers and the wish of slavery of European politicians. Anyway, back to the music, the 13 tracks of this release find their inspiration into distorted scenarios a la P.A.L., proposing rhythmical explorations into industrial landscapes. Almost all the track are true to the pumping creed where you find similar sounds with rhythm variations, thing that for my tastes is pretty repetitive. On few tracks they embrace their original sound by creating tracks like "The myth of sisyphus" or "Laceration" where they have a more classic industrial ambient sound.

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