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Title: Ephemeral Dawn
Format: CD
Label: Tesco Organisation (@)
Distributor: Tesco Organisation
Rated: *****
If you are an industrial music lover is highly probable that you already own this release, because Anenzephalia's EPHEMERAL DAWN originally has been released twelve years ago always by Tesco (back then 750 copies in large fold-out poster sleeve has been printed). If you don't know this release or B. Moloch's approach to sound, well, first of all you should know that most of the eleven tracks of the album have been recorded live during the 1992÷1995 period on different locations (excepting the opening "Beneath the shroud", "Regime" and "Liebombast" which have been recorded at Kriszthell) and that Anenzephalia industrial sound is a mixture of growing subtle tension which seems produced by death factories. The vocals are buried under humming noises and there's always a feeling of incoming menace during the whole listening session. Moloch don't have the "in your face" approach, he let the sound rises slowly and it never explodes into random blasts, it is more like a constant sonic earthquake. On few tracks metal percussions or analog noises (note: sounds with high frequencies which don't produce the humming effect) have been used changing a little the sound proposed on the previous ones but the sensation remains the same, a feeling well expressed by the manifesto you can find into the booklet: " Here the dream dies! Dominated by obsession of power and lust, led by unwritten rules from clinical birth to clinical death. Ask the epithet of god! It still is deception. No ideology, no progess; NO THING. The world smothered in absurdity". A classic of the genre...

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