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Aug 27 2007
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Artist: CANON BLUE (@)
Title: Colonies
Format: CD
Label: Rumraket (@)
Rated: *****
Rumraket catalog/roster is expanding with a good act coming from U.S.A., called Canon Blue. This one man project is headed by Daniel James. He moved to England because of University matters and traveled back to U.S.A. landing in New Orleans in 2005. He left Louisiana returning to his native Virginia just before the flood tragedy. All these experiences were filling his soul with emotions and the right way to express them was through music. So, he build up a little studio into his bedroom and used his grandmother's upright piano and started to work to the songs you can find on COLONIES. Filled with ideas and particular melodic/pop intuitions, the album musically finds Daniel at his creative pitch containing tiny electronic/acoustic ballads as well as particular electro dancey folk songs like the opening "Treehouse" and "Pilguin pop". On these ones, relaxed piano/guitar moments meet rhythmic extravaganzas and orchestral arrangement: like Bjork without the minimal approach and with more ideas. Most of the tracks are inspired ballads where you can appreciate the vocal and melodic attitude of an American guy helped by Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) for the mix and by Cristian Vogel (acclaimed solo artist, producer remixer, etc) at mastering. If you appreciated Mika but you need something more alternative, give to Canon Blue a listen.

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