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Title: Nameless Droplet
Format: CD
Label: Mystery Sea
Rated: *****
We owe kudos to Mystery Sea's Daniel Crokaert (as well as to Stefan Knappe/Drone) for exposing to a wider public a series of remarkable Russian projects which would have remained less known otherwise; after Hum, comes this duo called Exit in Grey, and just recently MS has also released a cdr by Five Elements Music, a solo project of EiG's Sergey. "Nameless Droplet" is a 48'32" album divided into two lengthy parts, showing a similar structure/modus operandi. Not unlike other MS artists like Troum or Moljebka Pvlse, EiG's main characteristic is the use of melancholic (guitar-generated?) drones, blent with environmental recordings. Yes, as simple as that, and something which a million other projects do. So why checking this out? Well, EiG show a great taste precisely for the melodic parts, which is not that common after all. They hit the right sound, know how long it can last before getting boring, and also know how to patch a fragment with the next one without making it sound like a bad cut & paste - not an easy task, mind it. So the two parts are not only good in terms of the choice of sounds, but also for their compositive grace. My only quibble is the final mix, which is a bit muffled, too saturated in the low ends and a bit poor in the high frequencies - a clearer mix would have done wonders to the final result, which is remarkable anyway. Definitely a project to look out for.

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