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Aug 21 2007
Artist: :A7IE:
Title: Distress
Format: CD
Label: La Chambre Froide / Rupal Records (@)
Distributor: Rupal Records
Rated: *****
Hailing out of France, here comes the debut full-length album of this act now signed to the small French underground label La Chambre Froide and with the helping hand of the German Rupal Records. Behind :A7IE: stands Guillaume "Gyom" Letellier and he could already gain some attention with a compilation appearance on "In This Cold Terrific Room 2", released by this French label two years before. Gyom is also responsible for the business actions behind LCF, be it CD releases of some promising French artists (note: nowadays well-known acts like OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF and TAMTRUM have started their trail of victory thanks to the help of the LCF team...), be it the organization of some live events, or be it some DJ works nationwide. With :A7IE: he now likes to offer us his kind of Harsh EBM assaults – and indeed, "Distress" can be called as such. Like expected, this isn’t the music stuff for the weak: harsh 4/4-on-the-floor smasher pieces featuring the needed doze of "filth" available in the mighty bass and kick works, with an ominous male vocal performance – Hellektro par excellence, a bit comparable with acts like DIOXYDE for example, but also filled with some scary and moody moments ("Prelude" or "Le Lapin Blanc" – the best track here!). That this all isn’t the reinvention of a wheel seems to be clear, nevertheless this debut convinces totally, also thanks to some well chosen artists offering remix works for this CD. It’s appreciated to have Jan L. of X-FUSION to produce this release – this also has saved his appearance for the creation of a remix on "The Cage". Also included are Germany’s WYNARDTAGE with a remix on "Messiah", the already mentioned TAMTRUM working on the same track, and the Argentinean-based musician FSJC (ex-SUICIDE SOLUTION) offering a speedy and hardcoristic interpretation on the classic "Pray". By the way, :A7IE:’s smasher "Pray (This Agony") isn’t available here in its original version – a good point for the owners of the "In This Cold Terrific Room 2" compilation, because this saves the value of this comp. "Sick music for sick people", so a slogan out of the info sheet accomplishing this release. It fits well...

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