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Artist: Reliquary
Title: Winter World
Format: CD
Label: Final Joy Records (@)
Rated: *****
Storming out of Scottsdale, Arizona area that's rarely known as a thriving music scene, this goth band made their debut in the music industry by opening up for The Cruxshadows, Belle Morte, The Last Dance, and Faith and the Muse. Reliquary will take you on a cold icy chilling journey that will stir an emotional and powerful enchanted feeling. Their album "Winter World" is truly a benchmark in the history of Goth music and the dark subculture itself altogether. I worship this band because of the lyrics and the music that's strongly so very well written with enlightenment and visual images throughout. The band consists of: Kara-voice; Loki-guitars, programming; and Suriel-bass. All tracks on the cd are very honest, transparent, embellish, and spellbinding with capturing of its melodies and strong hooks. Kara's compassionate vocals so sultry, enticing, divine with beauty sung in soprano and opera. Sweet harmonies swoons in sadness, agony of pain, lost and dreams torn apart, which also faded away.

Reliquary really have the potential to go further with their music career. It's hard to resist from listening to this band. The first time you pop the cd in, you'll ended up having the cd player repeat the cd to play it over and over again and again. Their songs will heal you, make you cry, and make you think. Like in the lines of "Lost In Thought":

"Moments of sorrow falling like rain
Distances past and returned again
Colors of heartache stir beneath
Layers of numbness and spreading disease"

This album is highly recommended for goths who just got out of an relationship, lost, lonely, and sad. A brilliant superb album that's unforgettable.


1. Prelude
2. Destroy
3. Tell Me
4. Trinity
5. Change
6. Beyond Dreams
7. Undone
8. Winter World
9. Dreams Torn Away
10. Distant Land
11. Lost In Thought
12. Lakme

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