Music Reviews

Title: Keshiki
Format: CD
Label: Pharmafabrik (@)
Rated: *****
Japanese project Psychedelic Desert's first album is titled KESHIKI and it has been released by the Italian label Pharmafabrik. The CD contains two minimal and long suites which seem to pay their tribute to cosmic music and which are true to the project's name because of the ambience created. The tracks succeed into creating a layer of fluctuating synth like sounds which stimulate the brainwaves of the listener. The only weak point I'd like to underline is that the tracks are based on similar sounds and being about 40 minutes long each one, they could made the listener loose his attention if not deeply involved into the lysergic sounds. The second half of the second track changes its sound a little bit thanks to some feedback and to what to my ears seems to be a treated guitar.

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