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Artist: Recoil
Title: subHuman
Format: CD
Label: Mute
Rated: *****
On August 14 the new album "subHuman" by former Depoche Mode member Alan Wilder is scheduled to come out on Mute and you are scheduled to buy it right away! That's right, fan of Recoil or not, you owe it to yourself to listen to this entrancing and gorgeous masterpiece. With an incommensurable attention to the detail brought on by layers and layers of unobtrusive arrangements that wrap around an otherwise truly intimate and minimalistic album, Mr. Wilder unleashes an album that explores the darkest parts of your subHuman subconscious. Leading you through this journey is him with the aid of the equally important trail-blazing mesmerizing voice, earthy slide guitar and heartfelt harmonica of Joe Richardson, who is Wilder's primary ally of choice on this record. I had heard some of blues man Richardson's music before and was blown away by his great lyrics and by his dark style songwriting, but taking that in in this context is even more piercing and poignant.
The uniqueness of this album probably finds its origin in the unlikeliness of a collaboration between a blues singer and an electronic music producer. These experiments are always very interesting and when fueled by the right attitude and enthusiasms, and by the right people of course, they have returned exquisite results.
Completing the team is UK singer/songwriter Carla Trevaskis who offers he beautiful voice's warm and delicate tone as well as a drummer and a bass player (even though their tracks have been re-worked a lot and made part of the entire electronic rhythm section).
The album is coming out on CD as well as limited edition gatefold vinyl and special collector's edition DVD package with enhanced stereo CD, 5.1 mixes, videos and so on.
Definitely one of my favorite releases this month if not this year!

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