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Title: s/t
Format: CD
Label: self-released
Distributor: CD Baby
Rated: *****
Having recently reviewed the LUCIDSTATIC debut release "Nexus0001", here comes with PANDORA’S BLACK BOOK another release leaded by the Alaska-based Jimmy Church. "This album is the result of trial and error and the beauty that can be created by flaw", so the introducing words for this release, which clocks again to nearly 80 minutes playing time. Strange, that this album offers only 4 seconds (!) lesser time than the LUCIDSTATIC album – has Jimmy Church taken a stop-watch to come nearly on the same playing time? PBB is the Ambient-driven instrumental side-project of LUCIDSTATIC, but I would tend to say on one or another track, that both projects share some similarities (check out all facets of the more than 10 minutes long track "Avenues", or "Skullf*ck" for instance). Of course, the term Ambient is rather here present than with LUCIDSTATIC and all of the provided tracks here are sounding rather sedating ("Memorial March", "Nosopoetic"), at times also more dark and Down-Tempo-minded like on "Jaded" or "Eternal Acid", for sure favorites of this fine and detailed programmed album. Another track which mixes excellent noisy, experimental textures with D’n’B-like rhythm patterns can be named with "Save Us", another outstanding work of this release. This album marks an excellent alternative to the last LUCIDSTATIC release "Nexus 0001", if you look for some rather Chill-Out moments as well. I still don’t know if Anchorage is the place to be, but Jimmy Church’s projects are currently moving on the pass lane to gain wider recognition.

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